CoinMarketCap Now Provides Crypto Investors With Data on Liquidity

2019-11-12 10:09:06

CoinMarketCap launches reporting on crypto liquidity data, aiming to escape wash trading in volume r...

Bithumb Global Launches Native Token for Exchange Ecosystem

2019-11-12 08:01:52

Bithumb plans to launch a native token on top of its namesake blockchain next year.

French Central Bank Job Posting Reveals Digital Currency Program

2019-11-12 07:09:16

Banque de France is seeking a blockchain analyst who will help the bank define a program for implementing digital currency.

Netherlands: Police Arrest Founder of Blockchain Startup That Raised Over $80M

2019-11-12 06:54:08

The police seized the founder of blockchain game development startup Komodore64, which was allegedly...

A Mysterious Airdrop Called EIDOS Is Clogging EOS to Make a Point

2019-11-12 06:18:16

Maximum transactions: How a project called EIDOS is congesting the EOS blockchain.

Alibaba Partners with Lolli to Allow US Shoppers Earn ‘Free Bitcoin’

2019-11-12 06:02:16

Alibaba shoppers earn 5% back in Bitcoin while shopping online...

Price Analysis 11/11: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, EOS, BNB, BSV, XLM, TRX

2019-11-12 06:02:17

A few altcoins are showing buying interest on dips but generally the price action is getting more se...

BnkToTheFuture CEO: 50 Percent of Funding Will Be Through Security Tokens in 2020

2019-11-12 05:09:11

BnkToTheFuture invested in a SEC-registered broker dealer to enable U.S. investors participate in security token offerings.

Airbnb Now Bookable With Bitcoin and Lightning Network via Fold App

2019-11-12 02:54:08

Bitcoin-powered mobile shopping app Fold now supports Airbnb...

Alibaba Offers Bitcoin Rewards Through Lolli Shopping App for ‘Singles Day’

2019-11-12 02:18:06

Lolli will offer Alibaba customers bitcoin back on their purchases with a new partnership.

Bitcoin Price: On-Chain Metrics Pour Cold Water on Bearish Bias

2019-11-12 02:18:12

Bitcoin’s current price action might be bearish but on-chain data suggests investor sentiment remain...

Dutch Court Orders Facebook to Remove Fake Bitcoin Ads

2019-11-12 02:02:38

A Dutch court ruled that Facebook must pull fake BTC investments ads exploiting John de Mol’s image...

Chinese Forex Regulator SAFE Expands Blockchain Cross-Border Pilot

2019-11-12 01:02:14

The Chinese forex regulator expanded its cross-border financing blockchain platform...

Boxing Legend Manny Pacquiao’s PAC Token Set for IEO on Nov. 12

2019-11-12 00:09:08

The much-anticipated PAC token backed by boxing champion Manny Pacquiao will be available on the GCO...

Bakkt Rolls Out ‘Critical’ Bitcoin Custody After NY Gives Green Light

2019-11-11 23:36:07

Bitcoin custody is “the critical link,” says Bakkt at full rollout...

Volvo Adopts Oracle’s Blockchain for Its Supply Chain — Here’s Why

2019-11-11 23:27:12

Volvo Cars using the Oracle blockchain to trace cobalt in electric car batteries...

Bakkt Expands Bitcoin Custody Service Beyond Futures Trading Clients

2019-11-11 23:09:07

The ICE subsidiary plans to open up its bitcoin "warehouse" following approval from New York's financial watchdog.

Bittrex Returning Crypto Funds to Iranian Users After 2-Year Freeze

2019-11-11 22:45:23

Bittrex’s Iran-based users will receive their frozen funds under special conditions...

Can Cryptocurrency Create a New Niche in Music Streaming?

2019-11-11 22:45:24

Can crypto help musicians get paid more fairly and quickly?...

Canadian Blockchain Firm Launches USD-Pegged Stablecoin CUSD

2019-11-11 22:02:03

BVCI launches USD-pegged stablecoin CUSD after debuting CADT in July...