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The Fuse Ecosystem
The The Fuse Ecosystem ave.change is
Fuse Network is tailored to local communities to provide everyday mobile payment services to anyone with a phone. Fuse Chain is an Ethereum side chain designed specifically to replace traditional transactions and make payments on the blockchain more accessible to a mainstream audience. The network is operated by verifiers, which are organizations that run nodes that validate transactions and enforce smart contracts. Validators are paid in Fuse tokens. To qualify as a validator, an organization needs to hold a certain amount of Fuse tokens and be a long-term stakeholder in the network. Any holder of a Fuse token can delegate it to a verifier, thereby participating in the governance of the network. Moving money on Fuse costs a flat fee of up to 1 cent ($0.01) per transaction. The network is designed to be an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand model that can be adopted by the mainstream and is more efficient than existing alternatives. Fuse offers a new way to launch services and reach customers using mobile payments. It allows entrepreneurs to integrate day-to-day payments into their business. It reduces the cost of starting and operating unmanaged microfinance and microtransaction services. It takes advantage of the powerful shared business processes provided by blockchain. Fuse lowers the bar for entrepreneurs to develop strong, effective and sustainable products. So they spend less time and money on IT and can focus on reaching and developing their customers and customers. What is a fuse network? The Fuse network is a permissionless, borderless public ledger designed to easily consolidate everyday payments. It is anchored to Ethereum via a bridge, allowing any token to move freely between Ethereum and the Fuse chain. Tokens are minted on Ethereum and then transferred to the Fuse chain, where it has access to a wide variety of functionality and business plug-ins that bring it to life. User data in a Fuse network is stored by users on their devices and shared with whom they decide using a standard web3.0 interface. Users can join communities, and community contracts define their data and governance policies. These communities can be managed by individuals or organizations, and everything is open and transparent on the blockchain. Fuse Studio allows users to easily launch and operate new communities, and the built-in contract store allows easy launch of new features and integration services Fiat entry, business management plug-ins, community management features, and more. Fuse aims to be a low-cost alternative to traditional cash or cashless payments. It lowers the barriers to entry for entrepreneurs to start wallets, payment services, loyalty programs, and any other previously paper-driven system.
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