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The Stablecoin ave.change is
Stablecoin refers to the digital currency with stable value issued based on blockchain technology. At present, the mainstream stablecoin is issued with fiat currency such as anchored US dollar and RMB, and stablecoin holders can be converted into fiat currency in a fixed proportion. There are stablesoins based on CPI, and there will be more stablesoins based on different mechanisms in the future. Examples include Tether's DOLLAR-anchored USDT, MakerDAO's DAI based on mortgage smart contracts, and Gemini exchange's regulated dollar-anchored GUSD. Since its launch, staboins have quickly gained popularity among cryptocurrency traders, with obvious advantages: easier access to the cryptocurrency market while avoiding bitcoin's high volatility. From a utility perspective, staboins are now the most effective communication bridge in and out of the cryptocurrency market. Essentially, a stablecoin is a cryptocurrency tied to another asset (e.g. gold, silver, US dollar, another cryptocurrency, etc.). It's a global currency, and as opposed to other cryptocurrencies, which are often highly volatile, a stable currency should have the lowest possible volatility. Staboins can help crypto investors avoid volatility in the market, serving as a much-needed antidote to price volatility in the cryptocurrency market. The ultimate goal of a stablecoin is to become a cashless global currency in digital form.
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