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Near Protocol Ecosystem
The Near Protocol Ecosystem ave.change is
NEAR is a blockchain-based open web infrastructure that is a development platform for releasing the next generation of decentralized social, financial, gaming and more applications. In addition to its high performance, NEAR's biggest feature is that it is as easy to use as its name suggests and can quickly bring users closer to the blockchain. As one of the stars of the new public chain, NEAR is considered by many to be the closest project to the Ethereum 2.0 vision, but its progress is faster than Ethereum 2.0. In addition, NEAR's sharding technology theoretically has unlimited scalability, giving its future technology development capabilities sufficient room to combine. In terms of project positioning, NEAR is a decentralized application platform that aims to create a fully sharded, scalable PoS blockchain, and the team has released only a few large-scale sharding system implementations. In a previous in-depth report on NEAR, D1 Ventures noted that NEAR is one of the most competitive players in the "DApp chain" direction, with a clear late-mover advantage, a sharding solution better than ETH2.0, and world-class engineering capabilities. But the disadvantage is that there has been a lack of community support. The Ethereum Cross-chain Rainbow Bridge, released in 2020, is currently running between NEAR and the main ethereum network. With the expansion of The Rainbow Bridge, more and more DeFi projects are smoothly running on the NEAR platform, continuously contributing to its ecological development. By the end of February 2021, NEAR ecology has included five major fields of infrastructure, DApp, development tools, DeFi, and NFT. Especially, it has carried out a key layout in infrastructure. There are 49 ecological projects in the agreement, and the number is still increasing. The system composition of DeFi ecological integrity has begun to take shape and is ready for development. NEAR has a world-class executive team: the founding team has led large-scale project research and development in Google, Microsoft and other technology companies, and has rich development experience in building distributed systems; Members of the engineering and scientific research team have won the champion of acM-ICPC, Google Code Jam, TopCoder Open and other world programming competitions for many times. The business and ecological development team has several serial entrepreneurs to provide full support for ecological projects. At the same time, NEAR has gained the trust and support of A16Z, Pantera, DCG, Coinbase, Dragonfly, Baidu Venture Capital and other institutions to jointly build an open ecosystem and serve global developers and users.
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