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KAVA Ecosystem
The KAVA Ecosystem ave.change is
Kava Ecology is a truly scalable DeFi provided by the Kava platform. It is a powerful ecology built on top of the Kava platform, with highly scalable Layer 1 architecture, throughput beyond history and institution-level security to provide users with a highly secure and truly scalable DeFi home. Kava has laid out a blueprint for truly scaling beyond historical throughput to create an ecosystem of first class services for users that meet the needs of a truly global decentralized economy. Kava is built on the Cosmos SDK and runs on tendermint-based Proof of Equity (PoS) consensus mechanism. On the application side, Kava created CDP, a lending platform, and HARD Protocol, a cross-chain currency market, which provide staboins, loans and interest-bearing accounts, enabling users to obtain more usage scenarios and values with digital assets. Kava is the first decentralized Layer 1 hub to support cross-chain DeFi applications and services. Developers can leverage Kava's security, cross-chain bridge, and adaptive Chainlink predictor to quickly create new cross-chain DeFi applications and deploy them to Kava's global user base. Kava CDP lending platform based on Kava blockchain and HARD Protocol, a cross-chain currency market, combine to form a decentralized bank of digital assets, connecting users with staboin, loans, interest bearing accounts and other products, enabling users to obtain more usage scenarios and values with digital assets. Kava is dedicated to providing a seamless, permanent financial services infrastructure for product applications and developers. Kava's goal is to increase credit in the cryptocurrency space. Credit growth means market share growth. Kava wants to increase economic activity and value in the crypto network. In layman's terms, Kava is an automated mortgage lending platform that allows investors to leverage and hedge their holdings against volatile markets. Kava Labs has allocated $185 million to fund the first phase of Development of Kava Ecology, and plans to launch a second and third phase of ecological funding program. Kava's $185 million initial Ignition Fund is accelerating well-vetted programs into the Kava ecosystem, expanding the offerings available on the platform, and ensuring that all services are delivered with the same quality and safety as Kava's original agreement. Kava investment institutions mainly include IOSG, Lemniscap, SNZ, Arlington Capital, Node Capital, etc. Node service providers include Stakeholder us, Cosmotation, Infstones, etc.
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