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Coinsuper is a Hong Kong based virtual asset trading platform and self-regulated custodian. We offer a powerful trading engine to provide liquidity for wide variety of cryptocurrencies along with fiat on and off ramp infrastructure and provide custodial services for storage and security facilities to safeguarding investor assets.

Since establishment in 2017, we built the vision of democratizing financial markets and making cryptocurrencies investing safe and accessible. We also adhere to the highest standard applicable and have engineered self-policing to ensure security is at the heart of Coinsuper.

Coinsuper management consists of former top-notched financial industry veterans and digital asset evangelists from UBS, HSBC, Morgan Stanley, Ant Financial, Alibaba and Sohu. To date we have a community of more than 1.5 million users globally and are well trusted by our strategic investors including Pantera, Unbound Partners, Fin Venture, Cash Financials, Guosheng International, Oriental Patron, 8 Decimal, Sky9, Ausvic Capital, Juntong, Blockwater Capital, Node Capital, Ledger Capital, DHVC, JRR Crypto, Byte Capital, Genesis, Pallet One, among others.

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