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Bibox is the world's first AI digital asset trading platform. It adopts the top AI technology, intelligent and strict selection of high-quality digital asset projects, committed to trading security, platform stability and extreme user experience.

As the world's mainstream digital asset trading platform, Bibox has been rising rapidly in the industry since its launch in November 2017 due to its advantages such as strict currency selection, smooth transaction experience and timely customer service response, etc., and has been widely praised by industry experts and users. It ranks among the world's top 10 most traded companies and is rated as a premium digital asset trading platform. One year after its launch, Bibox has set up operations centers in more than 10 countries, including Estonia, the United States, Canada, Singapore, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam. In addition, Bibox has also set up a blockchain technology application center in Hainan to facilitate the landing and development of blockchain technology. At present, the platform covers currency trading, leverage trading, securities trading, perpetual contract trading and other fields.

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