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The GameFi ave.change is
GameFi refers to Game Finance, which is a gamified financial concept under the fusion of DeFi and NFT. It is to present decentralized financial products in the form of games, gamify DeFi rules and NFT derivatives of Game props. One of the most notable features of GameFi is that the user's assets become equipment or tools in the DeFi game, and in turn, the user can earn revenue or rewards for playing the game. It is reported that the concept of GameFi was first proposed by Mary Ma, chief strategy officer of MixMarvel, in her speech at the Wuzhen Summit (the second half of 2019), namely gamified finance and new gamified business. GameFi came to the attention of crypto market participants thanks to The founder of Yearyearn.Finance, Andre Cronje(AC). AC has stressed on Twitter that we are going forward we go into GameFi. Since then, the concept of GameFi has been widely discussed in the community, and new projects and new gameplay have emerged. The majority of DeFi gameplay currently consists of role-playing, virtual space, nurturance combat, and multiplayer construction. Compared with the previous mining model, the liquidity GameFi project in the interaction with the user, experiential and more immersive, at the same time also has a higher interest, such as many games will use NFT small pets to breed, using NFT equipment improvement skills, pledge NFT profits, or the introduction of PK mode, participate in battle, to complete the task, Allow users to make money while playing the game. A similar concept to GameFi is NFTFi, which was introduced by a number of liquidity mining projects represented by MEME, fueling the new DeFi craze. However, the game of card drawing is inevitably a little monotonous, not too high technical content and experience, so that NFTFi popularity does not last long. Now GameFi= DeFi+NFT+ games, DeFi is still the core of GameFi, NFT is the necessary means of decentralization, and games are the shell of GameFi. Gamefi is an inevitable outgrowth of DeFi and NFT, and its value lies in its ability to allow participants to enjoy the game while also making real money from it. Compared with traditional game Deposit to Play, Gamefi is Play to Earn. The former is to spend money to recharge and then Play the game, while the latter is to make money while playing the game. The difference brought by this is revolutionary. GameFi also gives NFT a more practical value through gamification. NFT items can be traded directly in the market in the game, rather than just items to be sold on the NFT trading platform, and the whole transaction process is simpler than traditional games. While Gamefi can be understood simply as NFT+DeFi, it focuses more on DeFi. On the one hand, Gamefi's integration of DeFi into the Game -- gamification of DeFi -- makes the Game more interesting and promotes the Game ecosystem. Gamefi, on the other hand, provides players with more ways to enter and earn more money by providing liquidity mining. P2E is one of the biggest highlights of GameFi right now, which is earning money while playing. This difference is revolutionary compared to the traditional game of Deposit to Play or free to Play. In the game, players can incubate, upgrade and fight monsters. They can not only get the pleasure of playing the game, but also sell the tokens, equipment, props and other NFT in the trading market and gain profits. GameFi's new features compared with traditional web and mobile games, blockchain games add other features: 1. Players have governance rights and can participate in the overall improvement and modification of the game. Each player can participate in the improvement and upgrade of the overall game. Players who receive game governance tokens can vote to upgrade and improve the game for a better game experience. The player and the game have a higher level of interaction and engagement. 2. There is no centralized company, it is operated jointly by players and developers, completely driven by the market. Blockchain games are not owned by any one company. The game is maintained by both players and developers. It is completely driven by the market. When a game is put on a blockchain, the company that originally developed it can't keep track of the development of the game, or shut it down, etc. Play-to-earn Allows players to Earn tokens, NFT, and other rewards while playing, which can be sold in any blockchain market. Earning while playing is the biggest selling point of blockchain games. Upgrading to play monsters in the game will not only make the game enjoyable, but also allow tokens and equipment, props, NFT, etc., which can be sold in the blockchain market. Axie Infinity game is a blockchain game where Axie pets can be collected, bred, fought and raised. Beginner players need to buy three Axie to complete quests in the game, or PK battles to earn tokens that can be traded in the market, which is why the concept of Play to earn was introduced to the game.
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