Privacy Policy

MyToken takes your privacy very seriously. In order to provide you with more accurate and personalized services, MyToken will use and disclose your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. But MyToken will treat this information with a high degree of diligence and prudence. Unless otherwise defined herein, MyToken will not disclose or provide such information to third parties without your prior permission. From time to time we may update this Privacy Policy. By entering into the MyToken Service Use Agreement, you will be deemed to have accepted to the entire contents of this Privacy Policy. Using or continuing to use our services means that the collection, use, and storage of your information has been agreed in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Collection and Use of Information

Based on the principle of lawfulness, fairness and necessity, MyToken will only collect the following information that is necessary for the purpose of achieving the product's function. This information including personal data collected from you when you use the services we provide or where you agree, such as name, email, address, contact details, account information and payment details, or related to your device or internet service , including IP address, MAC number, log information, etc, or submitted by you through our customer service or attending our events.

MyToken uses personal data to communicate with you and manages, delivers, improves, updates the personalize services. MyToken can also generate generic data from any collected personal data for the purpose of providing related services. Our partial service may require you to provide specific personally sensitive information to achieve specific functions. If you choose not to provide the information, you may not be able to use certain specific functions in this service, but it don’t influence other functions for you to use. If you provide your personally sensitive information on your own initiative, it means that you have agreed to our dealing with your personally sensitive information in accordance with the purposes and methods described in this policy.

Information Protection and Sharing

We can also use this data to communicate with other products or services offered by MyToken or its partners, and don’t share your personal data with third parties (except partners related with services of MyToken and affiliated parties) unless acquiring your prior consent.

We can share your personal information with third parties:

(a) If we think it is necessary to implement the user service agreement between you and MyToken;

(b) To comply with the regulation from government authority, including regulatory agencies, law enforcement and/or judicial department;

(c) Third parties providing services (such as administrative or technical services) to MyToken, including but not limited to third-party service providers, contractors, agents, advertising partners, application developers and so on;

(d) Under the circumstances of fulfilling and updating the service;

(e) Be applicable to the company business or any part’s sale, delay or transfer.

With the development of our business, when merger, acquisition, asset transfer or other transactions happens, we will inform you of such circumstances by pushing notifications or notices, and continue to protect or require new controllers to continue to protect your personal information in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations and the standard of protection which will not be inferior than that under this Privacy Policy.

We may use the collected information for big data analysis. For example, we may use collected information for analyzing and concluding industry insight report or other research report which contains no personal identifiable information. We may public and share it with our partners the post-processed information that does not contain personal identifiable information to learn how users utilize our services or to enable the public to have a better understanding of the overall use of our services and other purposes.

In addition, we have taken measures to prevent money laundering, terrorist financing and evasion of trade and economic sanctions, which requires us to be responsible for our clients. We may need to use third parties and service providers’ data, and cross-reference your personal information.

How We Store and Protect Your Information

We keep your personal information in necessity for the Privacy Policy purposes, and within the period required by laws and regulations.

We take advantage of the necessary security technologies and procedures to protect your information against loss, improper use, unauthorized access or disclosure, alteration or damage. Your personal information is stored on the server with password control and unauthorized access is restricted. However, please understand that due to technical limitations and various malicious means that may exist, even if you do everything you can to strengthen security measures in the internet industry, it is also impossible to always guarantee 100% security. You should understand that the systems and communication networks you use to access our services may be problematic due to factors beyond our control.

Tips for Sharing Information

Through our and third-party services, you can share your information not only with your own social network, but also with all users who use this service, such as the information you upload or post (including your public information and established name list), your response to the others, and location data and log information. It is also possible for other users to share information about you (including location data and log information). In particular, social media services are designed to let you share information with users around the world, so you can make shared information delivered in real time widely. As long as you do not delete the shared information, the information will remain in the public domain; even if you delete the shared information, the information may be cached, copied, stored or kept independently by other users or non-associated third parties without our control. Please remember that the information may be collected and used by others whenever you disclose personal information. If your personal information is leaked due to the above reasons, we will be free from any liability. If you publish your personal information in the above methods, you may cause personal information leaked, too. Therefore, we remind you to carefully consider whether it is necessary to disclose your personal information in the above methods.

Advertising Services

We may use your information to provide you with more relevant advertisements and send you marketing information through our services or other reasonable means to provide or promote our or third-party’s products and services.

Exceptions to The Privacy Policy

Our services may include or link to social media or other service platforms (including websites) provided by third parties. Such social media or other service platforms may be operated by third parties. If you use such third-party social media services or other services(including any personal information you provide to such third parties), you will be binding to the third parties’ Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (not the General Terms of Service or our Privacy Policy).so you need to read the terms carefully. Our Privacy Policy only applies to the information we collect and does not apply to any third-party’s services or third-party information usage rules, and we are not responsible for any third parties’ use of the information provided by you.

Protection of Minors

Parents or guardians are encouraged to guide minors to use our services. We recommend that minors encourage their parents or guardians to learn this Privacy Policy and obtain parental or guardian consent and guidance before submit personal information.

Application Scope and Changes to Privacy Policy

We may update and revise this Privacy Policy from time to time, you can read the latest version of the terms on the relevant services page. If you continue to use the services we provide after the revision of this policy, this means that you have fully read, understood and accepted the revised policy and you will be deemed to accept the restraint in the updated policy. If you do not accept the revised agreement, you shall stop using the software or services provided on this website.

If you have any suggestions about this Privacy Policy or our services, welcome to send us email to the address: We will check, process and feedback during normal working hours.

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