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WBF Group was registered in New York in 2017, and its subsidiary WBF Exchange (Chinese name: watt exchange) is a global digital asset financial service platform which was registered in Singapore on January 2019. Its founding team has various backgrounds, including New York, Singapore and China.

Focusing on the development strategy of "spot + mining pool + contract", WBF Exchange provides global users with such digital asset financial services as "spot trading, contract trading, leveraged trading, mortgage&lending and option trading".

WBF Exchange adheres to customer-centered principle and continuously iterates the underlying technical architecture so as to improve the user experience. "Spot 1.0 trading system" was launched in March 2019, "spot 2.0 trading system" went live in July 2019, and "spot 3.0 trading system" was launched in November 2019, which is more stable, safer and transparent.

WBF is the first global digital asset exchange in the world that boasts a place designed for ringing the bell. Its users come from 177 countries around the world and have branches in 13 cities, including New York, London, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City, Seoul and Tokyo. With more than 4,000 media resources globally, it is committed to establishing a super "traffic empire" of the whole industry , thus becoming the first choice for the "initial listing projects".

WBF, called World Blockchain Future in English, means "the surging power of the digital age" in Chinese. WBF Exchange stays committed to building a digital financial service platform with the most currencies, the largest registered user base, considerate customer experience, stable and safe technical structure, standing out among other exchanges in the digital era!

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