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PKEX is registered in Singapore. The organization was established in 2017 and provides digital asset trading services to more than 3 million users worldwide. Multi-terminal coverage: PC webpage, H5 mobile, iOS/Android mobile client; 7*24 online customer service.

PKEX is an innovative service platform focused on blockchain asset transactions created through decentralized self-organization. The core members of the team include professional elites in various fields such as financial investment, cryptography, and security. With rich industry resources and top technical capabilities, they create the most secure, stable, and efficient encrypted digital currency investment environment for global users.

PKEX pioneered the "DeFi Contract" trading service, which effectively helps investors reduce the investment risk caused by the fluctuation of currency prices. It is a brand new investment method and trading experience.

PKEX focuses on compliance, and has cooperated with local regulatory agencies in many overseas countries, and has many overseas compliance licenses such as the Philippines and the US MSB.

PKEX currently supports 8 languages including English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish, serves nearly 100 countries and regions, and has more than one million users worldwide. It provides industry-leading transaction depth and a safe and fast operating experience. At the same time, the mobile terminal And multi-language switching, convenient for users around the world to operate anytime, anywhere.

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