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ExNow is a global digital currency exchange platform with ecological consensus community, we commit to create the Eco-environment community for high grade projects. ExNow project approval in December of 2017, officially launched in June of 2018. The company is headquartered in Singapore, has branches in the U.S.A and China. The website is available in seven languages including English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Korean and Thai.
In the future, ExNow united Singapore fund aims to build an incubator platform to provide technological, financial and market solutions for traditional businesses and help with making their assets digitalized.
ExNow's technical team has been working on blockchain feild since 2013, they adopts advanced technologies such as GSLB, distribution service clusters, the species level and user level parallel offer returns, parallel the species level and in-memory matching, cold wallet and hot wallet with off-line private key, and other advanced technology. We are keeping making progress and focusing on making a safer and more efficient global blockchain asset trading platform for users all over the world.
At present, the team size is nearly 50, and the core members of the team are from BAT, Internet finance industry, top 500 IT information enterprises, famous universities, private investors with rich trading experience, blockchain technology researchers, cryptography experts and so on. Our team has always been committed to building the top digital currency exchange platform in this field, provide excellent services and security trading experience for users all around the world.