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DiBi is the first globaltrading platform withmultiple decentralized ruleswhich is builted by DiBi Technology Co., Ltd. It started preparations in 2018. After one year of development and continuous testing, DiBi 1.0 was officially launched on August 11, 2019.

DiBi trading platform owns the most complete product lines and the most complete Industrial strategy layout. It’s the first globaltrading platform with bond security level, providing safe,fast,convenient and fair trading experience. In themeanwhile,DiBi willcontinuously update technology to service our user with high quality and efficiency.

As a growing trading platform with multiple decentralized rules, DiBi rises in the top of wave, it has the powerful mobility,high safety protection, fairness and efficiency together.

DiBi is aimed at establishing a benign circle between enterprise, user and platform. They will all become the participants and witnesses of this blockchain technology wave.

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