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CoinAll ( is the very first Partner Exchange of OKEx’s Open Partnership Project, providing high-quality digital asset trading services to users around the world. It is our vision to build an ecosystem benefits everyone in our community. By taking the lead to discover and list elite blockchain projects, we offer our users the privilege of being the first traders connecting to new opportunities, building an ideal trading platform of high-quality tokens all around the world. CoinAll shares OKEx’s massive user base of more than 20M users, all the OKEx users can sign up CoinAll through the same OKEx account; CoinAll share the liquidity of OKEx and all other Partner Exchanges, offering the smoothest digital asset trading experience to the community; the projects listed on CoinAll with outstanding performance will have the opportunity to upgrade to OKEx. CoinAll’s vision is building a platform for blockchain startups with high potential and quality and connecting users to new world.