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The CIEX Digital Assets Exchange Platform was established in 2018 and registered in Switzerland. CIEX is recogised as qualified member of financial intermediary institution by PolyReg^ under FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority), and is regulated by the world's most stringent cryptocurrency industry.

The core team members of CIEX Exchange are from the world's top financial institutions and Internet companies. The company has top-level risk control and anti-fraud technology. The platform adopts the world's leading peer-to-peer network architecture design, adopting Huawei's cloud technology and network security services. Provide safe, accurate and efficient digital asset trading and management services to users around the world.

The core value of the CIEX exchange is to implement the authenticity and liquidity of the digital asset market. It is committed to discovering high-quality digital asset investment opportunities, providing global mainstream currency trading and investment services, seamlessly linking currency transactions, and supplemented by per second. Dealing with the trading engine of more than 1 million execution instructions, the bid-ask spread is small, and the transaction response is fast, which can meet different levels of funds and different trading needs.

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