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btcShark is a global digital asset trading platform registered in Singapore. It was officially launched on Feb 8, 2019, and provides professional services such as crypto trading, fiat trading, big data analysis, and professional management of digital assets. The platform has a long-term and comprehensive plan, with great development potential and strong momentum. Its technology and product team members come from well-known international Internet companies. They have rich experience and first-class security awareness, and can solve the exsiting technical problems of most international stations.

Since its inception, btcShark has always adhered to user-centeredness and pursued extreme service. It has a long-term and comprehensive plan, great development potential and strong momentum. The team members are committed to creating a high-quality exchange which provides safe and convenient operation and superb user experience. The core management team are the earliest practitioners and investors in the digital currency industry. They have rich global operation experience in the digital currency field and excellent control ability in business running strategy.

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