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AOFEX, based in London, the United Kingdom, is a global leading service platform of digital assets with security. Its Asia Pacific headquarter is located in Singapore. AOFEX has received the MSB license for digital currency trading and MAS Exemption Permit for Payment Services.
AOFEX always pursues the value of “Customer Orientation, Integrity and Reliability, Innovation and Inclusion, Cooperation and Responsibility”, insists on the vision of “being the most influential digital financial platform to provide service for 10 million institutional investors and qualified investors”, and strives for “including more common people into the digital finance”. By building the underlying infrastructure of blockchain finance with proprietary technologies, and accumulating and improving core competence, AOFEX is a professional platform offering digital financial services for users across the globe.
AOFEX keeps on providing the optimum service for users, continues innovation, focuses on optimizing financial derivatives and investment plans, creates more core values, and promotes its development in the digital finance field. AOFEX makes great efforts on the R&D of various cryptocurrency financial derivatives, including margin, swap, and option transactions, as well as asset management platforms. Now AOFEX X Chitu Cloud provide one-stop convenient mining service for users.
AOFEX has introduced the state-of-the-art traditional financial risk control system for banks, adopted underlying security technologies, established an internal supervision and warning system, as well as built a risk reserve mechanism to provide global users with a more secure cryptocurrency trading environment.

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