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VeChainThor (VET) Intro

VeChain is the world’s leading blockchain platform offering Blockchain-as-a-Service to enterprises for products and information.

By leveraging on blockchain technology, VeChain strives to build a trust-free and distributed business ecosystem, which is self-circulating and scalable.

VET is the new token of Vechain that is converted from VEN in the rate of 1 VEN = 100 VET。

Circulating Supply
55,454,734,800 VET
Total Supply
86,712,634,466 VET
Circulating supply ratio
Turnover rate
Max Supply
86,712,634,466 VET
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1 ETH = 402500 , approx. $0.00073
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Raised Amount
100000 ETH


CEO - Sunny Lu

Sunny was graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, majored in Electronics and Communication Engineering. He has been served as IT Executive in Fortune 500 companies over 15 years, former CIO of Louis Vuitton China. He started the VeChain project in 2015, and is committed to blockchain technology and business implementation.

CFO - Jay Zhang

Jay has worked for PwC and Deloitte as senior manager over 14 years. He joined VeChain in 2015 as the leader of Blockchain governance framework design and digital assets management framework establishment.

COO - Kevin Feng

Kevin worked in the Cybersecurity and Privacy practice of the PwC Shanghai and New York offices for over 12 years. He was the driver of blockchain services in PwC China. He is a Certified Information System SecurityProfessional  (CISSP)  and  Certified  Cloud  Security Professional (CCSP). Kevin joined VeChain in 2018 as COO, responsible for operations, security and privacy.

CTO - Jianliang Gu

Jianliang graduated from Shanghai University with a master’s degree majoring in Cybernetics. He was working at TCL Communication Technology as Technical Director. He has more than 16 years' experience in both hardware and software of embedded system development and management. He joined VeChain in 2017 and is committed to marrying IoT and Blockchain.

Vice President of Human Resource and Government Relationship - Richard Fu

Richard has oer 20 years' working experience in multinational enterprises such as Shangri-la Group and LVHM. He was Retail VP of Louis Vuitton China for many years with very comprehensive management skill sets. He joined VeChain as director of PR and marketing, and appointed to the position of Human Resource and Government Relationship VP in June, 2018.

Vice President of Channel and Sales - Chin Qian

Chin worked for HP from 2004 to 2016 and accumulated rich experience in marketing and project management. He joined VeChain in 2017 as director of business partner recruitment and management.

Chief Scientist - Peter Zhou

Dr. Peter Zhou obtained his Ph.D degree in Computer Science from the University of Southampton. He was involved in projects funded by the European Commission and the Academy of Finland when working as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Kent, UK as well as a senior research scientist at the University of Oulu, Finland. He has more than ten years of scientific research experience and published papers in top-tier international journals and conferences.

CMO - Noah Huo

Noah has over 5 years experiences of consulting and assurance services in FinTech, cybersecurity, internal control and blockchain technology. Before Noah joined PwC Shanghai in 2014 he had worked at National Australia Bank in the financial crime detection and prevention team. Besides his extensive experience in cybersecurity and internal control, Noah has played a critical role in the blockchain development team within PwC CN/HK region. In February 2018, Noah joined VeChain and is in charge of PR and community management.

VeChain Europe GM - Jerome Grilleres

Jerome holds an MBA from London Business School and a MSc in Computer Science. He is from Barclays France and has 8 years’ experience in Business Strategy and Development in Retail Banking and 6 years in Developing Real Time trading application in Investment Banks. Jerome joined VeChain in 2017 as Business Director of Europe.

VeChain Singapore GM - Sarah Nabaa

Prior to joining VeChain in 2017, Sarah's background was in business development. After 3 years of proprietary trading, she bootstrapped and sold her e-commerce business and began consulting startups and SMEs on their digital strategies and transformation. She graduated from NTU with a Bachelor in Electrical & Electronic Engineering.


Jim BreyerFounder and CEO of Breyer Capital

Bo ShenGeneral partner of Fenbushi Capital

Daniel KelmanGeneral Counsel of GSR and


Roland SunPartner of Broad&Bright

Nan NingCEO of BitOcean


2015.06 TPOC, initial VeChain design

2015.11 TPOC approved, VeChain v0.1 development started

2016.06 VeChain v0.1 launched, 1st business case go-live

2016.09 VeChain v1.5 launched, VeChain Dashboard, iOS app go-live

2016.11 VeChain v2.0 launched, more smart contract templates

2017.05 VeChain v3.0 initiated

2017.11 VeChain Foundation 1st Steering Committee and Advisory Board formed

2017.12 VeThor and the economic model preview published

2018.Q2 VeChainThor Blockchain Launch, VeChain Wallet with VeThor Forge Function

2018.Q4 VeChain Crosschain, Sidechain Technology

2019 VeChainThor Ecosystem Expansion