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Infinito is dedicated to drive true blockchain mass adoption by allowing users, developers and applications
to connect and grow together in the one-stop Infinito Ecosystem.
We are building foundational platforms that synergize to form the long-awaited bridge connecting breakthrough technology with mass communities through an excellent user experience.
Infinito Token (INFT) serves as the main currency of payment on top of enabling staking, voting, rewards, and scoring utilities as well as incentivizing users, DApps, and developers for their contribution to Infinito Ecosystem.

Total Supply
10,000,000,000 INFT
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Max Supply
10,000,000,000 INFT
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Infinito team is made up of 50 blockchain professionals who design and build the Infinito Ecosystem:
Junya Yamamoto
Junya Yamamoto had set up and managed businesses listed on the stock exchange well before he graduated from university. Since 2012, he has been actively establishing IT venture funds that collaborate with large companies and corporations. In September 2015, Junya was entrusted with forming the now Asia-leading Infinity Blockchain Labs and later, Infinito Solutions.

Jack Nguyen
A tech industry veteran, Jack has over 14 years of profes- sional experience prior to his directorship at Infinito Solutions. He has held key roles in business strategy and development, as well as in product planning and manage- ment in various international software companies across Asia, including NCS Group, Pyramid Consulting Group, and more. Jack holds a BSIS from the National University of Singapore and an MBA from Manchester Business School.

Dinh Tran Hoang Quan
Quan has accumulated 8+ years of experience working as a BSE in various technical areas such as logistics, big data, and retail systems. Having spent most of his career in Japan, Quan has been entrusted with management roles in Vietnamese and Japanese companies to oversee development and technical support teams. He has deep technical knowledge and hands-on experience in
blockchain technology.

Tai Pham
Technical Manager
A graduate of the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education, Tai Pham has 8+ years of experience in software development and system design including 3 years in Japan working for Nippon Steel. His past projects include managing development teams and building gaming, entertainment, news, and finance products for Japanese clients. Under his leadership, Infinito Solutions is building and operating the
Infinito Ecosystem.

Fedor Bushlanov
Business Manager
An IT expert, Fedor has over 10 years of professional experience in business development and sales in the spheres of digital video and blockchain. He is primarily engaged in the development and management of profes- sional software products, in addition to international B2B marketing and sales of cutting-edge technology solutions. With his profound tech knowledge along with a strategic, innovative business mindset, Fedor utilizes his expertise to empower and guide blockchain businesses, enterprises, and aspiring developers.

Ellena Ki
Marketing Manager


Quarter 4
Infinito Wallet V3.x
• Improve user experience of wallet and Premium Hub Stake (stake tokens to gain access and rewards) Payment Account Management
• Support more blockchains
Infinito App Square V2.0
• Integration of more dapps Fiat-crypto gateways
• Instant exchanges DEXs
3rd party Payments Hardware wallets and others
InfinitoPAY V2.0
• Improve scalability and transaction per seconds (TPS) Add support for Infinito Tokens (INFT)
Infinito Blockchain Platform V2.x
• Add more utilities and modules in various categories

Objective: Enable the best payment experience and revenue structure in Infinito ecosystem at the same level of effectiveness as offered in the contemporary world. ter 1

Quarter 1
Infinito Wallet V3.x
• Infinito Wallet with Staking Services (for PoS blockchain infrastructures) Infinito Wallet for Security Tokens
• Security Token support, allowing Infinito Wallet users to access security token markets.
Security Token exchange to be integrated into the Infinito Wallet.
• Support Non Fungible Tokens to allow users to get collectibles and membership rewards
Infinito App Square V3.0
• Integrate InfinitoPAY technology to support payment between Users and Dapps Add more Dapps
InfinitoPAY V3.0
• Enable revenue structure of App Square, powered by Smart Contracts
o Pool of customizable Smart Contracts for DApps/Services to choose, configure, and deploy to receive payments
Infinito Blockchain Platform V3.0
• Integrate InfinitoPAY technology to support payment for developers and businesses Add more utilities and modules
B2B Solutions V2.0
• More ready-made business solutions: SaaS, White-Label, Services, and more.

Quarter 2
Infinito Wallet V3.x
• Introduce Infinito Score on Premium hub, a reputation system to distribute higher benefit structures to reputable users
Support more blockchains
Infinito App Square V3.x

• Introduce Infinito Score on Infinito App Square, a reputation system to distribute higher benefit structures to valuable dapps
• Add more Dapps

InfinitoPAY V3.x
• Improve user experience of Payment
Add fiat gateway and crypto exchange to support payment, deposit and withdrawal activities.
Infinito Blockchain Platform V3.x
• Add more utilities and modules

Quarter 3

Infinito Wallet V3.x
• Support more blockchains
InfinitoPAY V3.x

• Introduce Dapp Integration Technical Standards to allow seamless payment integration for Dapps with Infinito Ecosystem.
o Deposit Accounts Managements
o Commissions and Referrals Setup
o Sales Statistics & Reports
o User Permissions & Reward Scheme
• Support more cryptocurrencies for payment
Infinito App Square V3.x
• Add more Dapps
Infinito Blockchain Platform V3.x
• Add more utilities and modules
Infinito Marketplace V1.0
• Launch of the Infinito Marketplace (IM), allowing 3rd parties to sell APIs, SDKs and other low-level functionalities to developers on the platform.

B2B Solutions V3.0
• Introduce Content Aggregation Platform for Finance / Gaming sectors.


Quarter 4

Infinito Wallet V4.0
• Support more blockchains.
Infinito App Square V4.0
• Enable DApps Cross-Marketing model with revenue structure managed by smart contracts (powered by InfinitoPAY)
• Support more Dapps.

InfinitoPAY V4.0
• Integrate and support e-money for payment
Infinito Blockchain Platform V4.0
• Add more utilities and modules
Business Solutions V4.0
• Launch of the Infinito Incubator Program for developers and startups to build and
launch innovations on Infinito Ecosystem

Objective: Create The Best Blockchain Experience For Users - Apps - Developers towards the mass adoption. Make blockchain space user-friendly, safe, and beneficial for everyone.
Continuous Improvement for Ecosystem Products
Infinito Wallet
• Enable more coins and tokens, and financial services
• Support Peer to Peer messaging, group chat messaging, distribute Red Packages.
Infinito App Square
• Enable more DApps and Services
• Enable decentralized payment infrastructure
o ETH-based sidechain is connected to Ethereum mainnet through the best interoperability solutions at the time (potentially for example Plasma, Cosmos, or others)
o Inside sidechain, user deposits are handled by Smart Contracts. Infinito does not control User money.
• Introduce Payment Protocol Technical Standards and invite 3rd party blockchain developers to plug their protocol into InfinitoPAY

Infinito Blockchain Platform
• Enable more modules and utilities for developers