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Music NFT
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Streaming media refers to a technology and process that compresses a series of multimedia data, sends the data in sections through the Internet, and instantly transmits audio and video on the Internet for viewing, enabling users to enjoy media files without downloading all the files in advance. Video and audio are the most typical streaming media, and Netflix, Spotify and other platforms are the most typical streaming media platforms. However, in the development process of these streaming media platforms, with the increasing amount of data transmission and platform market dominance, the related costs of streaming media platforms are also increasing dramatically. At the same time, more and more interests are transferred to the platform, and other roles are negatively affected to varying degrees. Decentralized streaming media tries to solve these problems by using blockchain technology and token economic model to transform the transmission and processing process of streaming media data such as video and music. The business models of Theta, Livepeer, Audius and other projects are not similar, but focus on solving different types of problems.
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